Urban Beekeeping


MacEwan University loves bees. Protecting pollinators, increasing their habitat, supporting plant diversity, educating our community about the link between bees and food security - we play a key role in the urban beekeeping movement.

Close to half a million bees currently make MacEwan University home, living in the six flow-hives on the roof of Building 5 and the ground-level bee hotel for solitary bees. During our annual fall harvest, we gather honey, which we use in MacEwan recipes or sell, with the proceeds invested back into the project.

MacEwan 2023 Honey is available now at the MacEwan Bookstore.

Collaboration at its buzziest

Bees work in collectives, and so do we. MacEwan University's Urban Beekeeping project is a joint effort, led by resident beekeeper Troy Donovan, beekeeper volunteers, Campus Services, with support from Food Services and Security, Health, Safety and Environment.