Book Buyback FAQs

1. How does Buyback work?

Simply put, Buyback is money for your textbooks. Simply bring your textbooks to the buyback desk during any of the buyback dates and we will refund your debit card for the books you want to sell. No posters to put up, no waiting for your cheque!

2. What books do you buy back?

We buy back all current edition textbooks required by MacEwan Bookstores for the upcoming term(s), textbooks required by our associate bookstores at one of 23 other Canadian universities, and those that have a national wholesale value. Based on Faculty Textbook requests, and present inventory, we determine the quantity of textbooks we need to purchase. In addition, we use the services of an International Used Book Wholesaler, who buys books to resell in the North American Marketplace.

3. How much do I get for my books?

If MacEwan Bookstores is buying the book you will receive up to 50% of our current new retail price. If a bookstore at another Canadian university is buying the book, you will receive up to 40% of their current new price. These rates apply regardless of whether you purchased a new or used copy of the book. The Bookstore also uses the services of a Used Book Wholesaler. If the book is not being purchased by the Bookstore or by another Canadian university, the wholesaler will purchase the title at national wholesale value.

4. What happens to the books that I sell?

Books for MacEwan Bookstores are processed by our staff and sold to students at 3/4 of the new retail price. Books purchased by other Canadian university bookstores are shipped to them for sale to their students. Books purchased by the wholesaler are sent to their warehouse and resold to campus bookstores in Canada and the United States.

5. What condition do my books need to be in?

Books should be reasonable condition, meaning that the cover is still attached and all pages intact. Highlighting, notes and markings on the pages are perfectly fine. Workbooks and study guides are generally not purchased back unless they are free of all markings.

6. Why won't you buy back my book?

Occasionally we are unable to purchase your book back, this happens for a variety of reasons. The most likely reasons are:

     - Book has not been readopted for the upcoming term(s)
     - The edition of the textbook has changed, or the book is now out of print.
     - The course using the particular textbook is not being offered next term.
     - The bookstore and wholesaler are overstocked on that particular title.

7. Can I sell books at buyback that I purchased USED?

Yes. So long as the book is in reasonable condition, and is a current edition, we will purchase your book back.

8. When is Buyback?

Click Here to see when Buyback is taking place.